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L4D2 Painter 1.0.0

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A mod that paints survivors and special infected in Left 4 Dead 2! This mod was made over ten years ago and was one of my first plugins I modified/added features to in SourceMod.


WARNING - This mod and plugin is no longer maintained. The below is copied from the AlliedMods thread I made from 2010.



  • The hunter,charger,smoker, and possibly the boomer will probably not color at times due to just their model. 1% of the time i see them color. Try the render mode like 0-10 and see if some of them work but most of them turns all models invisable.
  • This plugin may be interfierred with custom player stats plugin, reported by terminator2k2
  • Only witch,boomer,smoker,hunter,charger with color on coop servers (still trying to fix that)



  • Will be fixing the bugs
  • May make some more commands!



  • Release



  • Fixed it from not loading
  • Now all the survivors are painted
  • Added Jockey, spitter, and charger


  • Added the witch color (havent tested it yet please tell me if it works or not)
  • Added to other colors (light blue, and light green)
  • I think i fixed the colors with the tanks


  • Fixed tanks not coloring
  • Made the witch so it colors now (not testes =( )
  • Made another convar called None


  • Fixed it and it works (TESTED!)



  • Added female boomer! (tested and works!)



  • Created timers to check if they are painted or not if they are not painted it will paint them. See verion 1.6 details for more info.
  • Other than that it works fine!(tested)



  • Made more timers
  • Got rid of that anooying notes on the console.



  • Fixed the problem with flooding the console
  • Fixed female boomer not coloring


1.9(big update!!!)

  • Added boomer,witch,charger,smoker,hunter just download the zip!
  • Read 1.9 details for more details



  • Added zoey, francis, and louis or modeling!
  • Read 2.0 details!!!



  • Added bill
  • Cleaned up alot of code!


Thanks To
Sammy-ROCK! My plugin is based off of his l4d painter plugin!


So hope you have a good time with the plugin please comment!

Also a big thanks to Cemisti for making the boomer,witch,hunter,smoker,charger color!


If you were wondering R G B stands for the usage which means like 100 0 0 that = red and 0 200 0 = green and 0 0 300 = blue the more higher the number is for the color, the more colored they are well darker.

Also i think the hunter and boomer and smoker and charger won't color, if anyone knos the problem, please tell me!


Version 1.6
People are saying when a tank dies or survivor respawns in the closet or when the map ends, the survivors or infected dont get painted. Well i have seen that to with my plugin so now i made timers and other things to check if they're painted if they are not, they will be painted! I think this works fine but i didnt test it yet .

Version 1.9
Well thanks to Cemisti that created the vpk on page 6 and that made it so hunter,witch,charger,smoker,boomer has colored!


Version 2.0
Well i added zoey, francis, and louis! I also made a small simple plugin tht i think WORKS so when a player joins the server it will download an addon tht makes witch,smoker,boomer,hunter,charger.etc colored but its not tested!!!

Warning - only witch,boomer,smoker,hunter,charger with color on coop servers (still trying to fix that)


1. I changed colors in my l4d2 painter config but it won't color them, what i put in the config what do i do?


Answer: Remove all your plugins and put l4d2 painter in alone then see if it works if it does add 1 plugin at a time to see what is iterfierring with the plugin. If it doesn't work at all then post a topic on here.


Gameplay & Video

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

  1. just put the .smx in the "addons\sourcemod\plugins" dictionary
  2. just put the .sp in the "addons\sourcemod\scripting" dictionary
  3. put .vpk in your addons dictionary of your game and server's dictionary!
  4. put other .smx in addons\sourcemod\plugins

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