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NextGen Modding - Open Source Tools To Enhance Community-Made Content!


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Hey everyone!


I just wanted to announce a collection of open source tools called NextGen Modding that we're working on! These tools will enable your game's community-made content to thrive by providing users and modders the necessary tools to play and create custom content!


Initially, we were going to create our own open source game featuring a custom workshop system and map creator to demonstrate the power of modding called "Base Game" (not a good name). However, since what we're trying to achieve isn't necessarily a game, we're going to be working on these new tools that game developers may integrate into their existing games! This will allow game developers to take their community-made content to the next level!


Tools & Libraries

  • Foundry - A powerful and all-in-one workshop library and tool that takes your game's community-made content to the next level! This tool will integrate everything you need to support singleplayer and multiplayer modding.
  • CreateIt - A tool that allows you to create specific custom content such as maps, 3D models, and textures quicker and easier than a game engine. It simplifies the process.
  • Pivot - A hub that may be utilized by any game developer or community! This tool will interface our Foundry and CreateIt tools and libraries along with allow you to install mods and custom content similar to mod launchers!


Note - Names are subject to change in the future for now until development starts.


Future Supported Game Engines


I also plan on making a new game called Dodgeball: Uprising in Unity that will utilize all of these tools along with our server browser once released! This will be our demo project and after this succeeds, I plan on starting development for more games inspired from beloved game modes on older games such as Counter-Strike, Garry's Mod, and Team Fortress 2!


If you'd like to help out, please let me know!

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