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Copyright Issue


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I have an idea for starting a business to do with modding.


I was thinking of setting up a website that would allow people to advertise and sell their mods and other works.


However, I'm concerned this may lead to issues about copyright, because people would be selling mods that would have some code or graphics that is already present in vanilla versions of games.


What do you think? Is selling a mod a copyright violation? I don't want to be assisting anyone in breaking the law.





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This is something we've been thinking about too because we will be supporting paid mods in the future. What I will be doing is reaching out to each game company that we want to add support to and getting full written approval to do so along with the game developers having an option to take a small percentage of each purchase. Game developers who don't approve of paid mods we will still allow free/open-source mods for (unless if they specifically tell us not to, of course).


I would say this is the fairest way and that way you won't get in trouble with the specific game companies.

Also, I'd definitely recommend talking to somebody who specializes in law and such as well since relying on what I say is a gamble given I don't have professional experience with laws, etc. This is what I will be doing as well when the time comes.

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