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Will pay for some to create a mod for Sons of the Forest, details below


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I'm interested in paying someone to create a workable mod for Sons of the Forest. I have an idea to add chickens to the game. Random wild chickens that spawn randomly such as deer, rabbits, etc. I want them capturable by running up to them and holding E, and able to keep them as pets and collect eggs that can be eaten raw. I do want to maybe have them hatch but that would require a rooster as well but that's extra and not necessary for this. So for this I will pay what someone quotes me and if I find it reasonable. Chickens may vary in colors from red, white, black, brown, or any mixes. I want something realistic but realize that this is a game so there is only so much that can be coded in. This is what I have for an idea for now.


This is a serious inquiry. If someone does it for free because they like it then hurray!



   >>Can be captured

       >>>can be placed inside *Coop* or *Run*(for chickens)

   >>Can lay *Eggs* randomly, from 0 to 2 a day, wild or captive

   >>Longer they go without laying *Eggs*, the more chance they will lay one the next day. Minimum of 1 every 2 days, max of 3 a day, per *Chicken*


   >>can be collected up to a max of 6 in inventory

       >>>can collect up to 18 with *Egg Basket*

   >>can be eaten raw to satisfy hunger

   >>can be cooked in fire for *Cooked Egg*

   >>can be thrown like small pebble

>Cooked egg

   >>can be eaten to recover more hunger

   >>can be thrown like small pebble

>Spoiled Egg

   >>egg goes rotten

   >>will recover much less health when consumed

   >>will take damage when consumed

       >>>initial, and some over time

>Egg Basket

   >>can built from 5 sticks, and 2 cloth (I'm trying to think of in game items that can build it but I'm open to ideas)

   >>increase max limit of *Eggs* in inventory. Up to 18


   >>Can be built structure (from cut logs)

   >>made to house chickens, gives them a home so they can lay *Eggs* and you can collect them as well.


   >>basically a stick fence, taller and added stick roof, very open concept.

   >>*Chickens* can't break or damage structure

   >>Other animals may break or damage structure if ran into

   >>Cannibals may also break structure

   >>So i guess a normal weak enclosure to just keep *Chickens* from running away


My only condition is that you record your computer screen when working on said mods. Upload to YouTube or send via e-mail. Does not matter if video is several hours, or if it in several videos. As I said I will pay so bill me an estimate and I will pay half, then the rest after mod is complete.

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