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Best Mods uses private web scrapers to add mods from multiple sources. The decision to use a web scraper was difficult since web scrapers are generally frowned upon. However, after thinking about it for a year or so and talking to other mod creators, we've made the decision to create and utilize web scrapers. With that said, links such as downloads go back to the mod's original source.


Additionally, we only web scrape public information from our list of mod sources which is currently legal in the United States. We also follow our mod source's robots.txt file to ensure we aren't web scraping data that shouldn't be web scraped. For more information, read Best Mods' about page here!

If you would like your mod or source removed from Best Mods, please post a topic in this forum! Alternatively, you may email us @ [email protected].


Please present proof that you own the specific mod(s) or source(s). You may email us using the address above if you do not want to provide proof publicly.


Thank you!

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