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The Forum Is Live & Our Next Steps!


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Hey everyone! @57_Wolve and I started working on the website last night. We've released a basic version earlier today which includes our base forums. We've also enabled registration so our users have a place to become invested in and provide feedback/discuss the modding community. Discord authentication integration is implemented, but we will also be implementing Steam and GitHub in the near future! GitHub will be required to submit mods with our new marketplace once that comes out which is still in development (allowing open-source for free mods and so on).

We will be duplicating the current default theme and making a dark version which'll act as the new default theme until we have our unique design finished which is being worked on by our teams.


Our Team & New Partner
We're currently expanding our teams which includes content creators, programmers, writers, graphic/web designers, video modders (AKA editors), and more. We are encouraging others to make videos on how modding has affected their lives along with modding footage/videos of them playing or creating mods themselves. If you're interested in helping with this project, please reach out to @NokiaSaikou!

We're also going to be getting our artwork and graphic designs together for our community which'll help with attractiveness.

With that said, we have our first partner! Please welcome @MonkeSle, he will be introducing his team with the thread he makes in the future. He is a game developer and is working on a game which I will allow him to introduce as an announcement. The game will support modding and they aim to support cross-platform (PC, Xbox, and Playstation all together) and we believe this is a big opportunity on both the modding community and their game.


Homepage, About Us, Our Partners, & More Pages

Our teams are working together to also create our attractive homepage along with others like about us, our partners, and more! We want to bring in new people to the modding community and show them why modding is so powerful. Modding in general improves technology and introduces more careers which many of us believe alone is a huge positive for example. On the flipside though, there are malicious modders who impact the user's experience negatively. So we want to explain what systems we can put into place to prevent these malicious modders along with making sure users are able to have fair and vanilla experiences on good modded servers/communities for example.


A Unique Server Browser

We plan on making a unique web-sided server browser that'll include more features than any server browser we've seen at least. We have a team very interested in this including developers and network engineers with experience to build our own improved query system(s) and more! This server browser will have native support for games/game companies we create or partner with in the future. However, we'll also be making mods (AKA plugins, addons, and such) for external games and server owners can add these to add their server(s).


Our Network

Reddit (r/modcommunity)

I also wanted to make sure people are aware of our sub-Reddit! We are also looking for moderators for the sub-Reddit and if you're interested, please reach out to @NokiaSaikou!


The sub-Reddit will act as a showcase for people's mods, content creation, entertainment via mods (including media content such as modding videos as well!), and modding news/tools.

We also plan to implement and integrate the sub-Reddit into the website in the future!


GitHub Organization + Mod Tools

If any modders want to make the community better via open-source tools that improve or simplify modding, please reach out to me! We can give you access to our GitHub organization and in the future, we will likely be partnering with most users highly involved with the organization since they're highly improving the modding community :)

Search Engine Optimization

I've been looking into Search Engine Optimization tactics and have a lot of back-ends and APIs setup for this. It'll take some time for us to start ranking higher in the search engine results. However, with our plans above (along with our vision overall) and our branding, I really believe we'll get a lot of traffic from the search engine alone.


That's it for now! We have a lot more to announce as time goes on, but these are our main focuses for now!

Thank you!

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