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Major Changes To Best Mods Over The Last Month Or So


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Hey everyone! I just wanted to make everyone aware of major changes made to Best Mods in the past month or so.


Adding Mods Via Web Scraper

For over a year, Best Mods has had only around ~127 mods added to its database and those mods were manually added by me. Adding mods manually is a timely process. However, something we were considering for a while was creating our own private web scraper to parse and extract mods from other websites.


This was a difficult decision due to web scraping being generally frowned upon. However, after taking a lot of time to think about it and talking to other mod creators, I've decided it would be best to create our own private web scraper and utilize it. Since all links such as downloads go back to the source(s) where the mod originated from, I believe this should be generally okay. Though, if a mod or source creator is not okay with this, they may request a removal of their mod(s) or source(s). Please read here for more information on the removal process.


After a few weeks of development, I was able to create and release our private web scraper on January 15th, 2024. Since then, we've had over 36,000 mods added! As of Feburary 15th, 2014, I've added support for updating existing mods and adding/updating a mod's category as/to a sub-category.


The data the web scraper parses and extracts may not be accurate at times. I'm going to continue to improve the extraction process over time, but I do believe it's in a good state for now. Contributors and higher may also edit mod's details and there is the option to disable auto updating via the web scraper for each mod.


New Server & Improved Performance

I was able to get a newer, cheaper, and faster server from our current hosting provider at the end of last month and moved over Best Mods at the beginning of this month. In addition, I've also made heavy SQL optimizations to our most expensive queries on the website which cut query times from over a second to around 20 - 40ms!


With the combination of above, the website has performed much faster overall!


Improved Front-End Design

I've made many improvements to the front-end design. There are still many improvements to make in the future, but I do believe these changes are overall good.


  • Added NSFW flags which results in images being blurred until the user clicks view.
  • The mod view page now includes the created and updated on dates along with the total views/downloads.
  • The mod view page includes all general details on the mod such as the title, created/updated dates, total views/downloads, rating, and more into a box above the main content for organization.
  • The mod view page screenshots gallery now includes dots for users to interact with.
  • The mod view downloads page now includes a table listing all download files along with their file size (if any) and creation date.
  • The categories and games page now lists sub-categories more neatly and requires the user to click a button in order to show the sub-categories per game.


Some Neat Traffic Graphs

Since going live with the web scraper on January 15th, 2024, we've had a lot more traffic to the website due to Search Engine Optimization! The search engines we're benefitting from the most are Google, Yandex, and Bing. I also wanted to share some analytics and graphs for those interested 😄


Here are some analytics from Google's Search Console.


Last 16 Months



Last 3 Months



Here are more analytics from Google Analytics which measures the amount of users and much more.


Last 28 Days



Last 12 Months



Here are some Bing analytics.


Last Month



That's it for now! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the new changes!

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