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Introducing Robone Studio as a Partner!


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Hello! I'm MonkeSle, co-founder, lead writer, and studio lead of Robone Studio. My team and I have been working on this studio and game for a while now, but full-time development has been a little troubling to get started. However, with us partnering with TMC, we are able to not only devote more time towards development, but we also can find talented individuals interested in working with us!


Who We Are

Robone Studio is currently a small studio based in Oregon made up of several individuals, all of whom are talented, creative, and wonderful in their own ways. The list is as follows:


MonkeSle (Pronouns: He/Him) - Lead Writer, Studio Lead, & Co-Founder of Robone Studio

  • Loves astronomy
  • Addicted to music of all kinds
  • Holds the world record for largest eyebags in the universe


Vekten (Pronouns: He/Him) - Lead Developer & Co-Founder of Robone Studio

  • Video game enthusiast
  • Homestuck enjoyer
  • Living his best life


Kewub (Pronouns: He/Him) - Lead Composer

  • In the process of building own sound studio
  • Lives with Vekten
  • Is THE band guy


NokiaSaikou (Pronouns: They/Them) - Lead Artist

  • Literally also the community manager of TMC
  • Amazing artist and talented individual
  • Has a Sanrio hyperfixation


Logan [aka LOGGERS, BÛCHERONS, SeriousMiner, & pacifistman] (Pronouns He/Him) - Writer, Assistant Composer

  • Talented theatre guy
  • Apprentice VA
  • Genuine comedian


MintyBih (Pronouns: They/Them) - Artist

  • Amazingly talented artist
  • Used to be a moderator on the TommyInnit Discord server
  • Prime Minister of rodents


Mayo (Pronouns: They/Them) - Artist

  • Does wonderful artwork
  • Active Discord Nitro siphon
  • Genuine master cook


Real names are not used to preserve privacy of the individuals in question. To learn more about each member of Robone Studio, there will be a website up in due time showcasing each individual member with socials, pictures, and names (given they consent to show that information online). You may contact them through there once it's up.


As for right now, you can contact me - MonkeSle - for questions about me or the team, joining us, or just simply to talk on using the following:


Discord - MonkeSle#4712

Twitter - @MonkeSle

Email - [email protected]


Our Project

Our project is still a secret at the moment, kept under the fine blankets of non-disclosure. Right now, though, what I can tell you is that it is going to support modding tools unlike most modern games. We will allow a client to be installed separate from the actual game to create anything from game systems to quests to map designs and assets. It's ambitious, and that is why we need YOUR help.


In the future, we will hire a group of individuals to get familiar with the game and code so that they can create these modding tools. We want the community to be able to make their own stories, and what better way to do that than by making it from scratch? Simply put, the goal is to create a set of tools that streamlines the modding process.


As time goes on, and more things begin to get worked on, we will announce our project. For now though, understand that right now things simply aren't ready to be shown, and work needs to get done. Any help is appreciated though, so don't hesitate to contact us and join us if you're interested.



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Co-Founder of Robone Studio

Give me coffee & Takis and I'll do whatever you need me to

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