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Pterodactyl Automatic Game Updating Via SteamCMD


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I've already made various tools interacting with the Pterodactly API that I've submitted on GitHub and on this forum.


Once I have time in the future, I will be making another tool that automatically updates game servers (AKA restarting the server since SteamCMD is launched by default).


I know exactly how to do it. Firstly, there is a file named appmanifest_<appid>.acf in /home/container/steamapps/ that contains the build number for the branches/depots the server is using. The file is formatted using JSON. There is a public API called SteamCMD.net with unlimited API requests that I plan to communicate with to see if the build is outdated (otherwise, you'd have to use the SteamCMD CLI). Additionally, I am going to be implementing the following features.


  • A configurable warning system (warn users before the server restarts for an update).
  • Only restarting/updating the server when the player count is below a threshold (count directly and/or server fill percentage).
  • Hooks so you can notify people on Discord when the server is updated for example or to perform other actions when a server is updated.


If you have any ideas for more features, feel free to reply :) 


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