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Discord Server Revamped, New About Slideshow, Future Game By TMC, & More!


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Hey everyone! I just wanted to provide some neat updates to TMC!

Discord Server Revamped

Our Discord server has been revamped!


I've re-done the modding discussion channels themselves along with general/community channels. That said, each category now has an icon. #information and #roles channels are linked together as well to help newcomers.


Additionally, we've also added a prefix for each game/mod in the modding discussion categories so you can tag each individual channel.

The next thing to work on is Discord Bots and verification/bot spam protection.

Join Our Discord server/community here!

Two New Games

We've added support for two new games/game series. The first game we added support for is Garry's Mod. The second series is Counter-Strike which includes all Counter-Strike games at the moment (e.g. CS 1.6, CS:S, and CS:GO). We will be using a tagging/sub-forum/chat system for Counter-Strike in the future to ensure things don't get cluttered mixing all game's mods/contents


New About Slideshow

I've recently been working simplifying the idea of TMC and our plans/vision. This lead to me developing an about slideshow here with what TMC will be as a community along with how we'll be structuring everything.



About Us!


Future Game Called Speedrun: The Game By TMC

In the about slideshow above, I introduced a new video game we're going to be making under TMC in the future. This game is called Speedrun: The Game and its tag will be @speedruntg.

The video game will be open-source created and maintained by The Modding Community. We are geared towards the speed-running community and strive to provide modding tools for the community to utilize so that anybody can create flavors, game modes, and maps for speed-running!

Time For Action!
I just wanted to mention I know I've been saying a lot, but haven't been providing any products outside of the forums. I've been working on a lot of back-end/business work and starting to learn libraries such as Laravel since I'm going to be helping out deeply with the creations of our mod marketplace and server browser!

I'm going to continue learning code/frameworks required and getting the company itself built/secured. With that said, I'm also going to be scheduling meetings with our teams in the close future! @CallyPally and @NokiaSaikou have been doing a great job reaching out and getting our front-end teams going regarding this :)

Thank you for reading!

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