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Website Background Image + Rotation + More


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Hey all!


I've made some changes to the website including adding a background image to the main website. The current solo background image is 1920x1080P and ~1 MB in size on the game Half Life 2. With that said, for phones and tablets, this background image should NOT show in order to save bandwidth/network usage on slow networks.



I've also applied a dark overlay (70% solid). The one thing I'm trying to figure out to do next is applying some transparency to the solid content, but not impacting text opacity. This is easy to do generally, but IPS 4's HTML/CSS layout is a bit strange.

With that said, we're going to be adding a collection of images (games, mods, easter eggs, etc.) for the background to alternate through and have it rotate via an animation. We'll be caching a list of 5 - 10 images for each user every x minutes or so most likely. We will likely add an easter egg system into these images in the future ?

I feel this is really the last thing other than a few other adjustments the website needs. It's simple, and now it has a more modern look with the background image addition!

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