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Hey it's Matt (Sponge)


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Hey all!  Interested in working with the team in integration of our projects.

Developing my own engine which you can see here:



Still in alpha, but I think I'm about a year out at most for completion.

Right now a lot of the main features are done, just working on improvements.

No 3d but that's planned last before release.

My idea is get it running to make the game I want, then after that focus more on engine development and cool features.

I wanted to keep this fast and efficient and aim for ease of development, try to squeeze it in as a decent choice for others to use it.


This was also a project for me to level up my C++ skills haha


My gaming background:

- NES/SNES as a kid (100% under 2 hrs on Metroid 3!)

- Tons of RPGs and ARPGs (I love Baldur's Gate)

- Used to play fighting games a lot and was pretty good at it

- Was a big Path of Exile nut, but played since beta and got tired

- Playing a lot of Factorio now, but kinda as a background game

- Turning into an old fart gamer LOL


A lot of my modding experience was in the past with old PC titles like DOOM, the Quakes, and UT.

But this was the stuff that got me into programming and hacking devices.

I've done a lot of hardware mods for old systems, and built arcade interfaces (SuperGun)

Got a friend that collects old arcade machines and helped with a lot of the electrical work on them.


And speaking of Factorio, if you're not familiar check it out if you like base builders.  It has a TON of modding support already as well.



Oh and I'm an Arch Linux user.  ?

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Welcome and really happy to see you joined from finding us on GitHub from my understanding ?


Your game engine looks off to a great start and I'm excited to see where it goes, especially with the modding support plans! I'll also try contributing to it after TMC gets off the ground a bit. I really believe TMC will benefit you and your game engine as well once we have everything setup.

It seems you have a lot of background info with modding too which is amazing! It really is crazy to see how underappreciated modding is in today's age when it has given so many people experience and career paths lol.


30 minutes ago, AtomicSponge said:

Oh and I'm an Arch Linux user.  ?

Linux FTW! Though I haven't used Arch Linux much ?

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