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Your Thoughts On AI (Artificial Intelligence)


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I've been really interested in AI for a while now, especially after watching movies like The Matrix, iRobot, and seeing the real technology world advance to what it is today. However, there is also a lot of controversy over AI and I feel a lot of it overlaps with machine learning.


Machine learning in itself is very powerful and in my opinion, is more so what will be focused on in the near future. AI requires a conscious which is something a lot more complex.


I just wanted to know your thoughts on this. Do you think technology could advance to the point machines actually have a close-to-reality conscious?

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What we see will feel closer to slavery than close-to-conscious AI for a long time probably.  Although that's not the same as saying that ML and AI aren't useful, because for research that's definitely not true.  I'd much rather hope for us to focus continuing to use programs as tools then to make them as complicated and riddled with illogical bullshit as humans are. At the same time, there's also use-cases for a close-to-reality AI that goes beyond being someone's robot girlfriend.

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