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More Updates To The Website!


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Hey everyone! This is another post outlining our website's changelog for the last couple of days or so. At least everything I can remember ?

I've been doing a lot recently and I'm really happy with the results ? I still have a lot to do including the business, back-end, and front-end itself along with starting development on our marketplace and servers. It's going to take some time, but I'm very motivated and dedicated to this!


  • Added and improved existing HTML meta tags including description and keywords to result in better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and sharing functionality on platforms such as Discord, Twitter, and Facebook. This will result in us having better chances of showing up on the search engine, especially with our branding name(s).
  • Changed website type from website to article (og:type).
  • Fixed FavIcon and other types of icons not loading properly.
  • Implemented three global tags - showcase, feedback, and rant. May add more in the future.
  • Renamed some language phrases.


Forums & Hub

  • Reorganized and improved existing forums and categories.
  • Moved Updates & News and Events under Announcements.
  • Created Giveaways forum under Announcements.
  • Created Round Up forum under Community.
  • Created Modding Support and Retro Modding under the Modding category.
  • Introduced a Security And Research category for security-related discussions, guides, and tools.
  • Moved Off-topic into General under Discussions.
  • Created both Programming and Hardware forums under Discussions.
  • Created a Forum Games forum under Community.



  • Changed the meta tag og:type to profile.
  • Added first and last name profile fields (optional).
  • Added pronouns profile field (optional).
  • Added description profile field (optional and doesn't show on threads or profile for regular users). This is used for the og:profile:description value which integrates with linking your profile on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook.



I hope you all enjoy these changes and updates ?

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