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My Views On The Hub


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My ideas for the hub was to basically turn the current home page that uses the forum application into its own hub. We will integrate a game engine -> mod tree which includes games we support such as GTA/FiveM, Minecraft, and more. Each game engine and mod will have discussions, topics, and posts (which also translate to blogs and articles) along with the mod marketplace and servers integrated. These will of course be its own applications as well and there will be separate pages and nav-bar items for these. However, my goal with the hub is to easily get the general user or modder involved by introducing all of our features to them in one place.


I've optimized all posts for Search Engine Optimization and sharing via HTML meta tags relating to article. With that said, I'd like to add options such as a header image to topics for search engine visibility and sharing said topics or posts on social media.


With that said, in the future, for any topics made, I'd like to allow sharing and exporting (syntax-wise) for platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, GitHub, and more. We will be supporting Markdown and other writing syntaxes.

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