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Viva New Vegas (Fallout NV Mod) - review

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Viva New Vegas

https://vivanewvegas.github.io/  by VishVadeva50


With a few adjustments this pack for New Vegas was one of my favorite experiences with the game. FONV ultimate edition is $5 for what could be 500+ hours of content in the base game let alone a game with all these additional features, bug fixes, cut dialog, and so on...  You can use this as a base modding experience that sifts through a lot of the dependencies and compatibility errors you'd deal with yourself while trying to have the most holistic RPG approach. Bethesda's modding community makes all their games much more enjoyable for me and if you haven't played the Fallout games they're very cheap and very enjoyable.




I think it's sad that FO76 hurt the name of Fallout and since Bethesda has been absorbed by Microsoft now I think we're gonna find out soon with Starfield whether we'll be getting any good games from them anytime soon. I'm thinking it could be hit or miss but Bethesda's new stuff doesn't have the magic it used to. Not sure how much I enjoy Starfield being on Creation Engine given what kind of RPG experience they're going for and I think if they put the next Elder Scrolls on Creation Engine the community will hate the game.  If big studios wanna try to put games like FO76 into reality it might just be easier for everyone to be honest and step into the future. The amount of janky optimization fixes you need to do to get FO76 to play like a game released in 2018 playing on a 2080TI is not okay lol.  


With the huge amount of money invested and acquisitions of studios happening left and right the last couple years the gamers wanna know: where the fuck are all the GOOD VIDEO GAMES?  



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