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A small project that allows you to gather statistics (integers/counts) from files on the file system. This was designed for Linux.


This is useful for retrieving the incoming/outgoing packets per second or incoming/outgoing bytes per second on a network interface.


Building Program
You can simply use make to build this program. The Makefile uses clang to compile the program.


# (Debian/Ubuntu-based systems)
apt-get install clang

# (CentOS/Others)
yum install devtoolset-7 llvm-toolset-7 llvm-toolset-7-clang-analyzer llvm-toolset-7-clang-tools-extra

# Build the project.

You may use make install to copy the gstat executable to your $PATH via /usr/bin.


Note - We use gstat instead of stat due to other common packages.


Command Line Usage
General command line usage can be found below.


gstat [-i <interface> --pps --bps --path <path> -c <"kbps" or "mbps" or "gbps"> --custom <integer>]
--pps => Set path to RX packet path.
--bps => Set path to RX byte path.
-p --path => Use count (integer) from a given path on file system.
-i --dev => The name of the interface to use when setting --pps or --bps.
-c --convert => Convert to either "kbps", "mbps", or "gbps".
--custom => Divides the count value by this much before outputting to stdout.
--interval => Use this interval (in microseconds) instead of one second.
--count -n => Maximum amount of times to request the counter before stopping program (0 = no limit).
--time -t => Time limit (in seconds) before stopping program (0 = no limit).

Note - If you want to receive another counter such as outgoing (TX) packets, you can set the file to pull the count from with the -p (or --path) flag.


For example.


gstat --path /sys/class/net/ens18/statistics/tx_packets



GitHub Repository & Source Code

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