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[SM] Extra Spawn Points Plugin


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A SourceMod plugin that adds extra CT and T spawn points in Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is useful for large servers that have to deal with maps with not enough map spawn points.


NOTE - When an additional spawn point is being added, it uses the vector and angle from an already existing spawn point for that team.



  • sm_ESP_spawns_t - Amount of spawn points to enforce on the T team (Default 32).
  • sm_ESP_spawns_ct - Amount of spawn points to enforce on the CT team (Default 32).
  • sm_ESP_teams - Which team to add additional spawn points for. 0 = Disabled, 1 = All Teams, 2 = Terrorist only, 3 = Counter-Terrorist only (Default 1).
  • sm_ESP_course - Whether to enable course mode or not. If 1, when T or CT spawns are at 0, the opposite team will get double the spawn points (Default 1).
  • sm_ESP_debug - Whether to enable debugging (Default 0).
  • sm_ESP_auto - Whether to add spawn points when a ConVar is changed. If 1, will add the spawn points as soon as a ConVar is changed (Default 0).
  • sm_ESP_mapstart_delay - The delay of the timer on map start to add in spawn points (Default 1.0).



  • sm_addspawns - Attempts to add spawn points.
  • sm_getspawncount - Receives the current spawn count on each team.
  • sm_listspawns - Lists the vectors and angles of each spawn point on each team. Please note a client may have issues outputting all of the details into their console. However, using the server console has been very consistent from what I've seen.


Copy the compiled ExtraSpawnPoints.smx file into the server's addons/sourcemod/plugins directory.


For compiling from source, the source code is available at scripting/ExtraSpawnPoints.sp.


To enable the plugin, either restart the map, server, or execute the following SourceMod command.


sm plugins load ExtraSpawnPoints




GitHub Repository & Source Code

ExtraSpawnPoints.sp ExtraSpawnPoints.smx

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