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Website Back Up And Restored From Backup!


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Hey everyone!


We've had over a day of downtime and I just wanted to say sorry for this happening, again. I was hoping to restore the website sooner from a backup, but it has been an unexpected hassle restoring from a backup due to new server configurations, etc.


The reason the website went down was related to an issue outside of our hosting provider's control. Therefore, I restored the website from a backup from October 2nd, 2022. Unfortunately, the daily backups we had were impacted by this and while the files are still there, I am not sure when we will have access to them (they weren't deleted or erased). We will be using the hosting provider we had before in the future once they're confirmed stable since I do still believe long-term, their business model and hardware are great.


Since it's unknown when those files will be accessible again and not many threads/registrations were submitted since, I decided to restore from the backup I had. I do apologize for any posts or registrations that were erased in this process (I believe most of those posts were mine, though, lol). With that said, I will be setting up a backup system myself and ensure we have hourly and daily backups in the future distributed to a separate server hosted elsewhere to ensure we have accessible and recent backups at all times.


There were a lot of complicated issues while restoring the website since we've changed URLs, hardware, server configurations, and more. If you experience any bugs, please let me know!


@Synk_ Thank you for the help with restoring the website as well!

P.S. Expect more updates very soon! I'm shifting my primary focus from Best Mods to this community now and I got some really excited things to start talking about!

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