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Writing this update to go over what to expect in the next couple of months along with our end-goal! I will also mention side projects I am working on that'll have a big impact to our future!


Side Projects

Before going over what is to come for this community, I wanted to mention some side projects I've been working hard on recently and its impact it will have in the future. There are three side projects; Best Mods, Gamecom, and Best Servers, but I am only working on Best Mods at the moment.


While I am only working on Best Mods at this time, in the future, I will be converting Best Mod's current application to support both Gamecom and Best Servers (for additionally listing games, communities, and servers)!


The primary goal with these websites is to gather data automatically from the Internet either by scraping websites (universal, complex, and inaccurate) or pulling from an API (only supported websites, faster, and more precise). Then, we will be displaying all of this data in a table with easy user navigation and filtering that can load millions of rows of data flawlessly via an amazing JavaScript library! The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for these websites are highly optimized. Best Mods ranks higher than many big websites alone on multiple SEO checking tools and is already starting to get many impressions on the Google's search engine (just starting out)!


Additionally, we also have a bunch of social media pages for these projects. We will be making social media bots in the future to automatically post the top best items on each website (day, week, month, and year along with most viewed, downloaded, and starred).


Best Mods
Browse the best mods in gaming from many sources on the Internet!


Best Mods


An open-source website made by me to help users find the best mods from multiple sources on the Internet! There are many things to come for this project and you can find our public road map here!


The end-goal for this website specifically is to list millions of mods and make all formatting and such universal while also linking all original content. I've already created authentication and moderator tools to add and edit mods! We have an Instagram account here which has been getting a decent amount of activity for the first four days and resulting in traffic coming to the website!


VOLUNTEER HELP WANTED - I am currently handling all of the social media, content creation, and creation of mods in our database. However, I have many other things to focus on and cannot dedicate my time to it. I am looking for anybody who'd be interested in helping Best Mods via the following volunteerly (FOR NOW! Once we take off, we will certainly consider paying you a salary under The Modding Community once we have enough revenue!).


Manually Inserting Mods

  • We currently do not have scrapers or APIs in-place to automatically retrieve and insert mods from other websites into our database (future feature will be added).
  • In the meantime, looking for contributors that can find mods, scrape the HTML, convert it to Markdown using easy online tools, and then universally format the mod entry.
  • Long-Term - Looking for contributors to go around and correct bad formatting from scrapers, APIs, or manual input. We want all formatting to be universal and look good for the users!


Helping With Our Social Media

  • We have Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Steam, and more.
  • You do not have to help with all platforms. If you can help with one, that's fine, but the more, the better of course.
  • Submit mods from our website along with descriptions and such until automation is in-place.
  • Interact with the modding community, gather feedback for modding in general & Best Mods, and more!


Creating Videos Of Mods

  • Create videos on gameplay of mods in our database (playing with your friends is fine too!) and uploading the videos to your channel and platform.
  • Best Mods uploads clips that you select to our TikTok channel and we link the original content.
  • Generally low-risk for both parties involved.


Helping With Development!

  • The website is open-source on GitHub and you may find our roadmap here!
  • Application is made using Laravel (PHP), jQuery (JavaScript), DataTables (jQuery), and Tailwind CSS (CSS)!


All of these side projects link The Modding Community in the footer which drives in traffic to our website. I also considered these projects ran by The Modding Community as well.


Marketplace & Server Browser & Discovery

I haven't worked on the marketplace and server browser much recently due to holidays, working on Best Mods, and some other things. However, I am going to get back into this because they're very close to initial release!


We will need to purchase the IPS 4 marketplace/downloads addon which will be happening soon (I will be receiving money).


One other thing I want to mention is these two projects will not be made open-source for now due to both user security and they aren't standalone applications meaning you require our community suite software.

The latest update on the server browser can be found on my Twitter account below and it is looking good in my opinion!


Our End-Goal: Base Game

Okay yeah, Base Game is probably the worst name I could have came up with, but to be fair, the game will have no specific gameplay or game mode.


The goal of this game is to make it COMPLETELY and FULLY open-source, moddable, free, and TRULY cross-platform. The community will be making the core content through modding such as game modes, models, textures, weapons, etc.


All information related to our plans for the game is stored in our public GitHub repository below!




To quote from the README.



This is our first fully open-source game that will display the power of open source and modding like never seen before!


This game will act as a base for many mods, game modes, and more. This is the reason the game doesn't have any particular name. However, if anything, it's going to be a true "sandbox" game.


Additionally, we want a fully modular and universal system where each piece of the game (such as the modding tools below), may be used in any other game using Godot Engine (or other supported engines in the future).


Basically, I highly believe this game with the combination of the marketplace, server browser, forums, modding tools, and more, will create a new generation of gaming that we haven't seen before! I'd highly recommend reading the README in the repository here for more information or if you're interested in helping!



There are a million other things I could talk about regarding our future along with our to-do list, but I believe the above is the most important parts!

I hope you enjoyed the read and if you have any questions, concerns, or want to help out, please feel free to send me a message on the website or on Discord!

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